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What is a pet?

 TAGS:Pets are raised in order to be integrated into the family. They help reduce loneliness and bring joy at home. Animals brighten our days, offer company and may even be allies in performing daily tasks.

Recent studies have shown that the presence of a pet at home can reduce stress, lowers blood pressure and increases self-esteem by putting ourselves in the role of the "leader ". They are an excellent source of responsibility and sensitivity for your children, among many other benefits.

The favorite families’ pet are dogs, then come cats, fish, canaries and parakeets, rabbits, hamsters, pygmy hedgehogs and ferrets. Those animals need care but offer company, which reduces mood swings and in some cases their owners are encouraged to engage physical activity.

Pets can be great allies in the surgery and diseases recovering process and can serve as guides for the blind, deaf or disabled. An animal should be treated with love and we must ensure its quality of life, that isn’t only providing food and water. It is important to take care of his health, cleanliness, rest and walks.

Another important point is to regularly control his health. It is always good to vaccinate the animal in time and, if possible, have a trusted veterinarian to take care of him regularly.

Many people buy their pets, while others have opted for local shelters. But if the character, sociability and adaptability of animals are the main characteristics that will help you choose the right one, education and discipline depend directly on your training.

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