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Types of terrariums

 TAGS:The terrarium is where our pet lives and it is essential to create the right environment for their development. The choice depends on the kind of animal that will live in the terrarium. The size, temperature, vegetation and decoration vary from species to species.

Terrariums are usually the new home for your pet when it is a reptile or an insect but they can also accommodate other animals. What we want to achieve with the terrarium is to reproduce as closely as possible the natural habitat of the species we have at home. Thus, we want that our pet will get to be as comfortable as possible.

The first thing to do is find out about the characteristics of the place where the animal you have got usually lives. Good information and knowledge of the species will avoid future problems.

Terrariums can usually be found in three types: desert, forest or jungle or tropical.
A desert terrarium is one that simulates the look and condition of a desert (of course there are many types of desert and you must find which one is the best). It is usually easier to care that including vegetation. A layer of sand, rocks and little vegetation will suffice. Another matter you should take care of is the temperature. It has to keep high during the day and drop sharply at night. If you opt for a desert terrarium you should not forget to have good ventilation. It would be very good for many lizard species.

Another type of terrarium that requires more care is the forest which may include water features (in which case it is known as aqua-terrarium). Temperatures will be milder than in a desert terrarium, but you should bear in mind that there will probably be necessary to differentiate the winter and summer for some species so they can hibernate. If we are to raise frogs, for example, we will have to try to reproduce the environment of a lake, river or pond. This type of terrarium can include even waterfalls to get adequate moisture for our pets.

Terrariums harder to maintain and create are the jungle or tropical ones. Obviously, the vegetation will be greater and will have to achieve high humidity and high temperature. Elements are usually placed higher than the other types. Species that frequently hosts this type of terrarium are those who enjoy climbing trees, like the iguanas.

Whatever the type of terrarium you choose to install in your home do not forget to place a bowl of water so that the animal can drink without difficulty. To maintain hygiene is also essential. Before deciding on the dimensions of your terrarium note that your pet may grow and think on its hobbies, for example, if your pet climb the trees then you need a terrarium high better than wide.

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