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Tips for choosing a fishbowl

 TAGS:Fishbowls are small ecosystems that are ideal to keep your fish comfortable and acclimatized. There are many people who choose fishes as pets because they don't requiere as much attention as other animals and they will be there when you come back home from work and you can also choose them as the first pet option for your kids.

Fishbowls can be divided into two big categories: the ones with sweet water and the marine ones.

Fishbowls or marine aquariums need more attention, most of all regarding their maintenance because they requiere a specific temperature and a specific quantity of saltpetre whilst sweet water aquariums are easier to treat. For sure you have already seen marine aquariums decorated with anemones, corals and algas. That's made possible by the saltpetre in the waters.

On the other hand, sweet water aquariums' maintenace is way easier but you need antichlor products and antifungal products from time to time. Decoration depends on the owner's taste, providing space into which the animals can hide themselves, always of plastic or stone.

Other facts to take into consideration when choosing an aquarium is the size, every fish is different, some are more peaceful, others more aggressive. Last mentioned will need more space to coexist with others without fighting and therefore you should take into consideration the quantity and race of fishes in your fishbowl.

Also the prices can influence your decision on the water type, the aquarium size and of course the fish race you prefer to have at home. Marine aquariums use to be more expensive, whilst sweet water aquariums are cheaper. 

The filters for the aquarium vary in function of the water capacity they can contain but it's important to adquire one that makes the aquarium more beautiful as well as a water pump that oxygenates the water after preparation and can be poured into the aquarium.

Before buying the adequate fishbowl, guided by this article, ask in the shop where you will buy it, which will be the adequate number of fish to place inside, verify that different races don't fight and check out the best food.

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