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Persian: Cat breeds


Persian cats are not only beautiful cats. They have large and expressive eyes, and a very interesting history. Persian cats are descendants of the Turkish Angora cats, from ancient Persia that is today Iran and therefore are named Persian.

Currently Persian cats we see come from the pure Persians which were crossed with white Turkish Angoras, bred in England in the nineteenth century and introduced into Europe through Italy. With the passing of the years the Persian cat has become smaller, their hair has become silkier and big eyes make it more similar to its ancestor originating in Iran.

The Persian breed that we see today is artificially raised, with a selection from the nineteenth century, to enhance physical traits and specific character. From the nineteenth century it began to be exported to England and France where they became part of the preferred cat breeds, not only for its beauty but for its character.

The Persian cat character is sweet and peaceful. He is a cat looking for affection from its owner and can constantly be somewhat sleepy, surprisingly for some people their lack of hunting instinct (probably due to selective breeding) that makes it much more relaxed, sociable and most domestic cat breeds.

With respect to the physical structure of Persian cat, he has a compact and muscular body, a robust bone structure and resilient. It can measure 10 - 14 inches with a tail of 6 to 8 inches, his coat is thick and hearty with a fur that can be in various single colors like white, gray (also called purple) red (or yellow) cream and black, but can also occur with two or three different colours.

Got a Persian cat? We will help you to cuddle it :

 TAGS:Royal Canin Persian AdultRoyal Canin Persian Adult

Royal Canin Persian Adult



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Royal Canin Cats Kitten Persian 32

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