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How to get your dog used to dog biscuits?

 TAGS:Dogs are such greedy pets that sometimes human food attracts them much more than dogs biscuits, although they contain all the important vitamines they need for growing up while they are still puppies and which will make them strong and healthy once they are older. For getting your dog used to dog biscuits the first thing you have to do is to stop offering them human food, with exception of those cases in which a veterinarian prescribes a daily meal with  chicken or meat as an addition for reasons of low weight or some other reason.

Also keep in mind to eat before you give food to your dog and there shouldn't be another family member eating neither, because the dog might get distracted and will be tempted to eat your food and not pay attention to his biscuits anymore.

In the third place, you should respect the time schedule of your dog and place an hour for eating (after the one with the family) and leave him his biscuits ready so that he can finish them in 20 minutes. At the beginning the dog can avoid the moment of eating hoping that he will get a different type of food but on the second or third day he will eat the food for necessity and in the established time.

Sometimes for the owners it can be difficult not to give in to the emotional manipulations and requests of your dog but the best way to make your dog eat dog biscuits is to use some discipline and make him understand that it is the appropriate aliment for him. It's useful as well to use a daily routine and give him orders and make him more obedient.

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