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Hot water fish

 TAGS:If you love aquariums and fish and you have some experience in their care is time to dive  into the warm water fish world. These fish require special care so you will really have to get implicated with them to provide them a good and long life.

Warm water fish live in water that is more than 24 °. But temperature is not the only thing you must control to create the right environment for these species to live like in freedom. These fish are very sensitive to changes in the water pH and also regarding its composition. It's a good idea to buy some chemical to help you in this task, but find out what is best before experimenting.

Choose medium size aquariums, never smaller and put several fish because they love to swim in groups. They can become really beautiful to look at. They are not difficult to feed because they eat anything. But you will have to be thorough with the aquarium cleaning. You can also arrange some decoration and realistic vegetation so your fishes can have more fun.

The most common species in warm water aquariums are those called Tetra. And within them, above all the neon, cardinal fish or the Emperor. Their bright colors and small size make them really cute and easily recognizable.

It is also common to find other fish, like Guppies or Platys. These tropical fish that breed very easily . This is something that should be taken into account because if fish breed it would be desirable to have an aquarium only for the young ones and transfer them to the main when they have grown a bit.

If you like excitement, then get some Danios. These fishes are not trouble but they like jumping a lot, something that can give you more of a shock if you do not cover well the aquarium. You can also buy some Rásvoras. They are beautiful fish but no easy to breed because males often eat the eggs.

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