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Dogs and summer


During the summer season it is important to give your pet enough water to stay hydrated, but beyond that you must consider other factors when it comes to enjoying your vacation with your pet. One of these factors is swimming. Not all dogs are natural swimmers but they can learn to do it very easily. It will be very useful whenever you will bathe your dog.

To teach your dog the first thing to keep in mind is that he should not be forced to swim. You’d rather try and invite him to enter the water after you. Initially, put it a float vest so he can feel more confident in its first attempts, circling around you. Keep an eye on him all the time to make sure he is comfortable and does not get tired while swimming. Remember that all dogs are different and that their physical conditions may vary. It is best, first, not to swim with him for too long, but gradually increasing periods.

There are special sunscreens suitable for the delicate skin of your pet. Before taking a bath, as well as for walks you can apply it on his skin. It will be much more comfortable for your pet. You can also schedule the walks, depending on your available time and the seasons, in the early hours of the morning, preferably before 10 am or in the afternoon, after 4 hours to protect him as you do with your own skin. At home, you must provide a shady place, with fresh air and water to rest.

And as summer is vacation and whims time, why don’t you let your most loyal friend to have his own?

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