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Dog’s deworming methods

 TAGS:To have a pet at home can be fun, but it is a choice that involves a lot of responsibilities. When you decide to adopt a pet, it is important to follow a number of rules and precautions.

One of them is the animal deworming. Dogs can suffer from many diseases, some of which are due to the presence of internal parasites, which can affect the animal’s health.

First, you should ask your veterinarian to confirm the presence of parasites and buy the right products, depending on the age and weight of the animal. On the one hand, we can use antiparasitic collars, which are comfortable and durable, and are easy to place.

There are also antiparasitic pills, which mix with food and help the animal to get rid of parasites. Pills doses still depend on the weight of your dog.

On the other hand, there are pipettes containing a fluid that helps to get rid of some dog skin parasites. Apply to several parts of the body with the pipette, such as the head, back, stomach ... the pipette can be used about once a month.

Among various existing methods, the most effective one is the Bayer Advantix one, via pipette, which is one of the most innovative. The Advantix method eliminates fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes quickly because the content of the pipette is easily dissolved in the lipid layer of the dog, which ensures maximum protection in no time.

In health booklet of your dog it is important to note the different treatments that you administered to your pet, such as deworming and vaccines.

 TAGS:Bayer Advantix Spot-On Dog 10-25Kg 4 pipettesBayer Advantix Spot-On Dog 10-25Kg 4 pipettes

Bayer Advantix Spot-On Dog 10-25Kg 4 pipettes



 TAGS:Bayer Advantix Spot-On Dog 4-10Kg 4 pipettesBayer Advantix Spot-On Dog 4-10Kg 4 pipettes

Bayer Advantix Spot-On Dog 4-10Kg 4 pipettes

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