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Dog Beds by breed


The dog beds are key elements, as our pet should get used to having their own space to feel comfortable at home and also respect our resting place.

The best way to choose our dog's bed is to measure the available options, assess the need for support and materials our specific pet has, and finally measure your pet to ensure that the selected bed is suitable before making purchase.

Small dog beds are ideal for small breeds like French Bulldogs, Yorshires or Pugs, who generally measure between 15 and 14 inches.

Some ideal small dog beds are:

 TAGS:Cradle Nayeco bone blue smallCradle Nayeco bone blue small

Cradle Nayeco bone blue small



For medium breed dogs like the Bichon frize, medium Schnauzer or Cocker Spaniel, models of beds from 20 to 23 inches are ideal for stretching and will allow them to rest with no part of your body is in the ground .

An outstanding choice medium beds for dogs is:

 TAGS:Cradle Nayeco bone blue mediumCradle Nayeco bone blue medium

Cradle Nayeco bone blue medium



Large breed dogs require not only a bed that suits its size requirements but is sufficiently padded to give comfort while resting.

A great option for dog beds is: 

 TAGS:Cushion Ferplast Jolly 60Cushion Ferplast Jolly 60

Cushion Ferplast Jolly 60






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