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Control levels in the aquarium

 - For those considering having an aquarium at home or who just acquired one, control levels in the aquarium represent one of the main precautions that you have to have for your fish. Remember that these animals, despite being more practical pets, mainly require specific care of their habitat.


The corals aquarium use calcium to build their skeletons, which are composed mainly of calcium carbonate. Corals get a lot of calcium from the water around them for this process.


Like calcium, most coral tanks require alkalinity to build their skeletons, calcium carbonate compounds. Many believe that corals take and convert bicarbonate to form carbonate skeletons such skeletons.


There are several ways to measure and report salinity, including conductivity probes, refractometers and hydrometers, to glimpse approximate the number of grams of dry salt in water kilo.


Temperature impacts aquarium fish in different ways. The animals' metabolic rates increase as the temperature rises. There are temperature thermometers and regulators that can help to keep this balanced level.


Many people spend large amounts of time and energy in solving problems related to the PH of their aquarium, this given pH problems can lead to poor fish health, but in many cases the problem is the measurement or interpretation.

These are the main control levels in the tanks; you can research a bit more about the types of aquariums before purchasing yours or if you already have it, keep it in top condition.

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