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Cold water fish

 TAGS:If you love fish and you want to have a home aquarium or a fish in a fountain or pond on your property the easiest option is to buy cold water fish. These are those who can stay at room temperature.

Although there is a huge variety of cold water fish the best known, partly because of their prominence, are the Carpín and Koi Carp. They are easily recognizable by their beautiful orange colour. Other species are known as paradise fish or fighting fish. As you know, you can have multiple species living together, but, before you do it, make sure that they will be compatible.

By not requiring high temperatures, the only thing that you will have to be careful with is the hygiene and oxygenation of the aquarium. You can get along with the decoration you chose, in fact, fish will for sure enjoy it, but, watch out because they might eat the vegetation.

In fact, food is another point in favour of the different cold water fish species. They tend to eat everything and do not give problems in this regard. But you should know that they eat very fast and digest even faster. So you'd better be careful, because small fish need much less food than those that are larger.

If you have a garden pond you can give them bread and other food scraps as they will eat it but perhaps you think it twice because water will be a mess after.

Choose the cold water fish that you like best for your aquarium. Sure you will find the ones you are looking for. Cold water fish are beautiful, with bright colors and rounded shapes. They are ideal to enjoy at home and if you take care of them properly they can live many years.

When you choose the aquarium for cold water fish, remember that the larger and wider the better because they are fish that love to swim from one side to another. It's beautiful to see them swim, so you will enjoy hours just looking at them having fun.

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