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City tours by car with your dog

Help your dog get used to drive is something that will be very useful in the future, if we take long trips but also in our daily lives. Thus move within the city with our best friend will not cause any headache.But, in general, dogs are not great lovers of our vehicle and we will need to go slowly until we can get them to associate car travel with a positive experience. Therefore, we cannot forget to show to it with words and gestures when they have behaved they way we would like.The rules are the same for a long travel and for small trip in the city, and it is clear, the dog has to be separated from the duct by a physical barrier. This point is sometimes hard to fulfill. Also, dogs cannot go in the trunk of the car, did you know it? Even for transporting a very little puppy we cannot use our arms, so is convenient to buy a barrier or an independent carrier for it.In the area where we decide to place the dog we can leave some of its toys and any item that make it feel safe like at home. On long trips we can think about bringing its bed but when it is just for a few minutes transport then it is not necessary.Something to be avoided to make the car ride a good experience for your pet and for you is dizziness. If you know you will have to go in the car avoids feeding the dog a few hours before and above all give to it as much water as it needs. Hydration is key and sometimes we forget when the drive is not going to be very long and we just want to take a tour on the city.Keep open the car window. No one in which the dog can take the head, this can be dangerous to their health, especially in case of accident. But it is important to maintain a refurbished fresh air.Like it or not, leaving the dog alone in the car is possible that if you have some errands to do. Remember to leave a window slightly open. If you think it will take more time than expected then you'd better go find it and take it with you if it is possible.Remember than doing well in the small town journeys help us avoid problems on longer trips and not lose patience if getting used to go in the car takes your dog cost you a little longer than expected.

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