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Chihuahua: Breeds of dogs

 TAGS:The Chihuahua is a small size dog from Mexico, it is also called Chihuahueno dog, it’s the smallest breed of dogs in the world, so if you’re looking to adopt a pet and are living in a small apartment, it’s a good candidate.

Chuihuahueno dogs are joyful and attached to their master, sometimes they can be jealous and become quite brave, in which case it’s natural for them to face much bigger dogs. These dogs of frail constitution are very sensitive to low temperatures, that’s why they are often wearing little dog coats, to shield them from the cold.

Their life expectancy is of about 18 years or more, especially with good training and even with fragile bones, the Chihuahua is an excellent pet for those who want to play and teach tricks, but to take good care of one it’s important to bring it to a vet specialized in dental hygiene and birth, because this breed has a tendency to develop neurological anomalies that must be monitored to prevent any cases of epilepsy.

Chihuahuas at birth have an incomplete skull (because they are very fragile at birth), this hole is called the “fontanel” and it fills up within the 6 first moths of the dog’s life, like human babies. These dogs are naturally omnivorous and it’s essential to be very careful not to overfeed them to prevent dire health consequences.

All of Chihuahuas are toy, they don’t come under the distinction of mini, toy or tacit. The Chihuahua “Summer head” is a Chihuahua from Mexico, the other Chihuahuas will change appearance as the breed with other races, and other methods (disapproved of by most breeders) used by some breeders to reduce their size even more can lead to diseases and shorter life expectancies. One interesting fact about these dogs is the heat period of bitches, which can vary between 5 and 7 months, a unique period compared to other breeds.

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