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Bulldog: Dog Breed


The Bulldog is a dog loved by adults as well as children. Their particular aspect makes this English dog one of the first choices for a pet. The Bulldog was originally used for dog fighting; they were banned from 1835 and have managed to become one of the symbols of England.

This dog is descended from bulls Maltese dogs, this breed was imported to England and crossed with ancient Mastiff to get the dog we know today as Bulldog.

Previously the Bulldog was lighter and his appearance was very similar to the Boxer; when the Bulldog was a fighting dog he only accepted the challenge of larger animals such as bears, bulls and lions. He was able to do so only because he used to be a butchers dog. His job was to make bulls run, in order to get a soft meet.

The appearance of the Bulldog we know today is famous for his head and his shoulders: wide and large compared to the rest of its body. Its folded skin is unmistakable, its short muzzle, drooping lips and a short and smooth fur. Most people prefer Bulldogs with docked tail, but the natural is short and curly.

The Bulldog has a lovely character despite its appearance, it can also be lazy. If raised as a pet he might be a peaceful, loving pet, not nervous at all.

A common Bulldogs diseases is the heat stroke (so you must provide clean, fresh water throughout the day in places accessible and In an airy, shaded environment) They are also likely to gain weight so it is advisable to play with them or take them out daily.

Life expectancy of the Bulldogs is between 8 and 12 years old with all the necessary care and vet visits that correspond. If you were thinking of having a Bulldog as a pet know you know how to take care of them. And now, let’s cuddle, right? Today we recommend:

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The whole family and I just love bulldogs. They’re so beautifully ugly! And what great loving pets they make,…lazy sometimes but simply adorable! If you’re in the market for a pet dog, I’d say … get a bulldog.
Dog Breeds Dog Breeds 17/05/2014 at 08:45

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