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Factors to consider before adopting a cat (I)

Having considered the possibility of adopting a cat, there are other factors to consider in order to prepare your home for its arrival. You will initially acquire a number of accessories that provide comfort for your pet, as well as the order and cleanliness of your home.


We are already online!

Mascotic is opening its doors today with the goal to become the European reference point regarding the online sale of pets supplies.

And we want to go even further by planning to increase our catalogue and transforming it into the biggest of all Europe. And all this to make you and your pet have everything you desire and don't forget that we are always offering the ...


The dog, a faithful friend

I don’t know if the dog is or isn’t man’s best friend, but he sure is the family’s favorite pet. He is the very first domesticated animal, and its food regime has been radically modificated. Even if some scientist still classify him as acarnivore, most of them say that the dog is definitely omnivore. The dog is a wolf subspecies, and his closest cousin is the grey wolf.


How to get your dog used to dog biscuits?

Dogs are such greedy pets that sometimes human food attracts them much more than dogs biscuits, although they contain all the important vitamines they need for growing up while they are still puppies and which will make them strong and healthy once they are older. For getting your dog used to dog biscuits the first thing you have to do is to stop offering them human food, with...