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City tours by car with your dog

Help your dog get used to drive is something that will be very useful in the future, if we take long trips but also in our daily lives. Thus move within the city with our best friend will not cause any headache.But, in general, dogs are not great lovers of our vehicle and we will need to go slowly until we can get them to associate car travel with a positive experience. Therefore,...


The scrapers, a basic for a happy cat

Among the basics to keep our cats happy at home, we have the scrapers, among other things that serve to sharpen our kittens nails and remove dead skin that cover it (a natural need for them who usually were scratching nails in trees and other natural elements) and prevent them from scratching the furniture, carpets and other not allowed items at home.


Dog Beds by breed

The dog beds are key elements, as our pet should get used to having their own space to feel comfortable at home and also respect our resting place.

The best way to choose our dog's bed is to measure the available options, assess the need for support and materials our specific pet has, and finally measure your pet to ensure that the selected bed is suitable before making...


The 10 most common cats' diseases

Cats are amazing pets, not only for their attractiveness and variety of fur colors but also for its developed senses as their hearing. These pets where domesticated by the Egyptians for over 400 years. They require a special care and we have to be aware of the 10 most common diseases in their species.